We Are Green

Here at OVIS, we are trying to do our part to help reduce the amount of foam packing peanuts used each year.John Shredder

In 2009, we purchased a cardboard packing shredder to reduce the amount of foam packing peanuts we use each year. By using the packing boxes sent to from our vendors, we can eliminate the need for mass amounts of packing peanuts for the large/heavy items we ship to our customers. The shredded cardboard pads better for heavy items than the foam peanuts, which compress under the weight of the Cookware Organizers and Wire Pull-out Basketswe carry. Cardboard is shredded weekly here at OVIS for packing material. The shredder takes a solid piece of cardboard into the front end of the machine and once the blades do their magic, the end result is a flexible/stretchable piece of shipping material.There is never a dull moment with John around.

Being Green can be fun! Many types of cardboard can be safely used as compost. has a wonderful and article about which types of cardboard can be composted easily. The shredded product we use is perfect for the home gardener to add to their compost pile. It is easy to tear apart into smaller pieces and the shredded texture will allow the material to breakdown faster resulting in a great soil conditioner.

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