The Ultimate Guide To Cabinet Hinges

Custom cabinetry is a wise investment that can truly transform any space. Your cabinet doors and knobs may complement your décor and furnishings, while the shelves, drawers, and overall dimensions determine how much storage space you’ll gain. But when it comes to cabinets, one of the most important features is also one of the most overlooked: cabinet hinges.

Cabinet hinges affect the way your cabinets look and work. They can make the difference between an upscale installation and a low-performing piece of furniture. But with so many hinges on the market, it’s not always easy to find the type of hinge that’s right for you and your cabinets.

Because we want your kitchen, bathroom, or workshop cabinets to meet all your expectations, we’ve put together the ultimate resource to cabinet hinges. This comprehensive guide details the differences between fifteen common types of cabinet hinges, so you can build the perfect cabinets for your home or business.

Hettich Hinges

The Hettich Group is a popular cabinet supplier that offers a variety of groundbreaking, European-style cabinet components.Hettich hinges are among the most popular, because the hinges come in a variety of versatile types and finishes. Some of the following types below are available as Hettich hinges, including a special lineup of professional-grade hinges for offices and workshops.

Face Frame Hinges

Most cabinets fall into one of two categories: frameless or face-frame. Frameless cabinets are open boxes, while face frame cabinets have frames on the front that widen each side of the “box” and grant more leverage and hinge options.Face frame hinges are mounted to these frames, which typically include four long, 2-inch-wide wooden strips that are cut to fit each side of the cabinet.

Overlay Cabinet Hinges

Overlay cabinets have doors that rest atop the frame or edges of each cabinet. Rather than sitting partially inside the cabinet opening, these doors leave the entire cabinet clear and line up just outside the front or frame.Overlay hinges include full overlay and half overlay hinges. Full overlay hinges are ideal for the ends of cabinets, because they’re larger and cover most of the cabinet’s front edge or frame. Meanwhile, half overlay hinges are ideal for cabinets that share dividing walls.

Semi-Concealed Cabinet Hinges

Semi-concealed face frame hinges are designed to reduce the gap between the cabinet door and the face frame, creating more seamless and flush features. These cabinet hinges will be partially visible when your cabinets are closed, so make sure you opt for a color that matches. Brass, chrome, nickel, bronze, and white hinges are available with satin or polished finishes.

Soft Close Cabinet Hinges

Soft-closing doors are true signs of quality, and they will prevent loud noises, pinched fingers, and wear and tear. Soft close cabinet hinges depend on a simple network of springs and arms to apply some resistance as your cabinet doors swing shut, while gradually sliding them back into place. They make sure your cabinets stay closed and contents stay out of sight.

Stainless Steel European Cabinet Hinges

Protect your cabinets from water damage and signs of aging with durablestainless steel hinges. These non-corrosive components include several series of 304-grade stainless steel hinges, which resist the effects of moisture and withstand exposure to salt, heat, and other extreme environmental conditions. Whether you’re upgrading your beach house kitchen or replacing the lockers in your pool locker room, stainless steel hinges are the only option for these moist spaces.

Lazy Susan Hinges

Corner cabinets get way more practical with the addition ofa Lazy Susan. These pie-cut, half-circle, and full-circle storage units have unique openings, especially if you have two cabinet doors that are connected rather than one L-shaped cabinet door. To keep your carousel functional, you’ll need hinges that hold the door in place and have at least 170 degrees of motion. Make the most of your rotating storage space with hinges that don’t get in the way

Self-Closing Cabinet Hinges

Always forgetting to close the cabinets behind you? Need your cabinets to stay closed for safety or decorative reasons? A variety of hinges are available with self-closing functions, which depend on the tightness of your screws and lubrication of the hardware.

Lift-Up Cabinet Hinges

Lift-up cabinet hinges attach your cabinet doors to special lift-assist mechanisms, which allow them to swing outward and lift upward before staying in place as you access the cabinets. These hinges should be as heavy-duty as the doors and mechanisms that they connect, because the cabinets need to lock in place before easily gliding back down and aligning with the face frame or cabinet edges.

Half-Overlay Cabinet Hinges

Half overlay hinges have clips and cups that are designed to ensure perfect alignment. Depth and height are both adjustable by more than a millimeter, and the hinges allow the cabinet doors to open up to 110 degrees.

Invisible Cabinet Hinges

A variety of hinges are “invisible” when the cabinet doors are closed. For example, the half overlay hinge is installed inside the cabinet wall and screwed into the back of the cabinet door, leaving no trace of the hardware on the sides or fronts of your furniture.European concealed hinges include a variety of sizes and shapes that stay hidden.

Piano Hinges

Piano hinges are long, continuous hinges with interlocking fingers that stretch out like the keys of a piano, allowing you to open your cabinet doors as wide as possible. They span the entire height of your face frame or cabinet edge, providing a secure but flexible option that also works well for folding tables, tool shed doors, and other durable applications that need full range of motion.

Butt Hinges

Butt hinges are the most traditional types of door hinges, and they may be installed outside or inside the cabinets. They’re made up of two nearly identical pivoting plates that form a hollow cylinder when their “fingers” interlock. The cylinder holds a screw, which keeps the plates connected. Adjustable butt hinges have longer mounting slots, giving you more freedom to ensure the perfect alignment.

Selekta Hinges

Selekta Pro hinges are from Hettich’s commercial lineup of heavy-duty, lightweight hinges. These easy-to-install hinges include theSelekta Pro 2000, which opens at a 270 degree angle for easy access to files and equipment.

Choose The Right Hinge For Your Cabinet

Every hinge has a different look and a variety of different applications, but only you can decide which hinges are right for your cabinets. Do you want durable piano hinges that offer full range of motion, or soft-closing hinges that keep your kitchen calm and classy? No matter which cabinets you install, it’s important to understand the differences between cabinet hinges.

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