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  • PS-3020

    PS 3020 Key Fob Token, RFID, 125 Mhz transponder

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    PS Locks 3020 SC Black Key Fob Token RFID Token/Chip Key, 125kHz transponder

  • PS-3051S-US

    PS 30251s Power supply 3V DC cable: 1,5m long

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    PS Locks 3051s-US Power supply 3V DC, 1.5m (59″) long cable. U.S.A. style 110v volt plug in AC to DC power transformer for powering PS Solo RFID and Bluetooth locks. (European version shown in photo above)

  • 31602

    PS 31602 200kg Heavy Duty Pusher Latch

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    With a V2A stainless steel part, this locking device has a breaking point of approximately 200 kg (440.93 lbs.)

  • PS-LATCH70

    PS LATCH70 Mini-Latch locking device

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    A replacement latch that has no built-in breaking point designed in.

  • PS-SOLO-74-Set

    RFID Lock, Concealed, 125 Mhz, SOLO-74 Set

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    PS Solo RFID Set 1. This concealed lock set is suitable for fast and easy locking of drawers or doors in cabinets, furniture or store fixtures. The user card will operate successfully through up to 25mm (.98 in.) wood thickness.