Keyboard Tray Slides, 14 in, 3/4 Extension , Black


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14 inch, Partial Extension Keyboard Tray Slides, Black. Create your own custom keyboard tray with these all metal, ball bearing keyboard slides. Mounting tabs for your platform ease installation and allows you to screw into your tray from the bottom rather than the end for a more secure tray mounting. They also help support your tray from the bottom.

Mounts under your desk to your platform. Six position height adjustment from 2″ to 3-3/4″. In and Out locking detent to hold keyboard in the out or the in position. If you’re looking for a keyboard slide for a custom desk, or you are replacing a worn out keyboard slide on an old desk, this one is easy to install, and has flexibility in the mounting height.


  • 14″
  • 2″ to 3-3/4″ Height Adjustment
  • In or Out facing reversible mounting flanges
  • Screws Included
  • Priced per pair

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    Weight 3 lbs
    Dimensions 15 × 5 × 2 in

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    14 reviews for Keyboard Tray Slides, 14 in, 3/4 Extension , Black

    1. Y Chen (verified owner)

      Great product, low price
      Product has lower price than other source. Quality is good! I am happy with this keyboard slide!

    2. Chris50 (verified owner)

      Good quality sliders
      I have had this for a year works great, don’t waste your money on cheap ones with plasic trays, buy these and make your own tray with a would shelf, just mount sliders to ends of shelf, sliders then attach to the underside of desk.

    3. Donna (verified owner)

      Very high quality at a great price
      I needed a slide-out try to hold a small DVR which is part of a security system. I had to custom build it since I needed a short 14 inch tray vs. the typical 20+ inch keyboard tray. I stained a piece of wood, attached it and it looks great! The slide is very nice and high quality. The height also has a lot of adjustments to get a perfect fit. LOVE IT.

    4. Robert W (verified owner)

      Keyboard Slides
      My original keyboard slides on my desk broke and rather than paying $50+ for a whole new keyboard tray I found these. These slides are great, especially for the price. The locking stops work great and the height adjustment is also a nice feature. I would reccomend these to anyone looking to replace their keyboard slides.

    5. Abby (verified owner)

      Worth It- Take your Time Planning Installation First Though
      First, I looked all over for a keyboard slide tray and they were either plastic or hugely pricey. After looking at lots of slides like this, I found these. They are absolutely great, with care taken in installation. I bought a pre-cut/sized black laminate shelf board at the Home Depot and had it cut to size (a cut is free there), thanks to the reviewer who suggested a similar method in their review. When mounting the slides, I noticed the comments in other reviews about the sharp edges- but the edge of the slides that mounts on the end of the shelf facing you is covered, if you follow the L and R stamps in the slides. (L being the shelf’s L not your L). I also discovered that the brackets that attach to the underside of the desk can be turned to face outward or inward by visiting the manufacturer website, which was good, as the assembly of shelf and slides would not fit my desk with the brackets facing outward. This product is well-designed with ultimate flexibility of adjustment. I am glad I did not let paying the S&H stop me from ordering this. I willl definitely buy these again, if need be. Highly Recommended!

    6. kenneth (verified owner)

      amazing versatility
      i wanted an oversized keyboard for my custom built desk. i finally found these guys and made it happen. awesome versatility don't know why anyone would buy a crappy keyboard tray when you can do it yourself with these batboys!!!!!! plus super fast shipping got it in 2 days

    7. Eric (verified owner)

      Very solid slides
      I am a cabinet maker. I have been building cabinets for over 30 years. I have seen all kinds of slides, from euro type to full extension. These slides are not quite full extension but do slide out about 11 in. Considering they are 14 in. deep that is quite a nice pull out distance. As you can see in the pictures, the adjustable angle bracket (that screws into the top of your wooden top) can be turned 180°. This is important if you have a situation like mine where I had cabinetry on both sides of the desk opening. This allows the slides to mount closer to the cabinet which gives more room for the keyboard shelf (side to side). Another nice feature is that the slides have a positive stop, both when closed and opened. Very nice because when your shelf is pulled all the way out it clicks into a stop that won't allow the shelf to just slide back and forth while you are typing on the keyboard. Finally, the slides are fairly priced.

    8. Gary Michael Koche (verified owner)

      Very impressed with the quality
      I needed a replacement for Grant slides for a desk's keyboard drawer pullout. These Ovis slides looked the closest to what I needed and so I bought them. My immediate observations upon receiving them were 1) they are VERY close to the originals I needed, and 2) the quality of the product far surpassed my expectations. Heavy duty, smooth action and great fit and finish. Well done, Ovis.

    9. Robert (verified owner)

      Extremely Impressed
      Although this was a bit of a challenge to attach due to the style of my desk, the product itself is identical to the drawer slide that came with the desk. It has transformed my computer desk with slide out keyboard into it's original brand new condition. Absolutely perfect, made well and very sturdy construction.

    10. Evan (verified owner)

      Great product
      Great quality and they work perfectly.

    11. Joshua A. Schwartz (verified owner)

      Better than the original!
      This product far exceeded my expectations. It is far superior to the sliders that came with my wife's desk. So much so, in fact, I ordered a set for my desk as well. I feel like quality is sometimes hard to come by these days but this product is made to last.

    12. Jonathan (verified owner)

      Great replacement
      My wife's built in desk had a keyboard drawer that was literally falling off. In addition, the slides were sharp and dangerous. These were a perfect replacement. Now the drawer is stable and glides easily. The exposed parts are smooth and safe. We are both very satisfied with the quality and function of these slides.

    13. linx (verified owner)

      OVIS 14" Keyboard Slides
      The product worked better than others I have tried in this price class. I have bought these units multiple times.

    14. Tom (verified owner)

      Works as original slides
      The original desk slides broke, these are a good replacement. Slides well and holding up well. Also, prefer the black color as compared to original silver. I little challenge to hold the keyboard tray while securing slides, so the tray slides. I finally used a jack to hold the tray in place while securing to the desk.

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