How to Order Replacement Parts for Drawer Slides

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Drawer slides are one of those items you never really think about until they suddenly stop working. Whether it’s the drawer in the home office you throw random junk in, or the one you use everyday to grab your favorite pans in your kitchen, a broken drawer can be a serious headache.

It’s common to have load issues and other problems stemming from abuse that can either cause the track to warp or the ball bearing to fall out. It’s also quite common to be dealing with shoddy workmanship or cheap parts that were never meant for the job they were tasked with. Of course, if the cabinet itself is damaged in some way, you’re not looking for a replacement drawer slides or parts but are really in the market for a good carpenter.

This guide should help you understand what you need to do to order the correct size for replacement parts.

Replace or Find Replacement Parts

Follow these steps:

First Empty the Drawer Content to Troubleshoot, Empty the Drawer Content to Fix Problems

1)  Empty the drawer slide of all its contents if you can. If that’s not possible, then it may be time to grab an assistant to make sure nothing falls on your head.

Cabinet Drawer Drawing

2)Try to establish visibility. If you’re lucky, there might be a neighboring cabinet you can peek your head into to get a sense of the situation.

Damaged Drawer Slide Guide, Warped Drawer Slide Guide, Damaged Or Warped Drawere Slide Guide, Damaged Slide Guide

3) Determine the nature of the issue.Generally, you’ll see one of the following issues:

  • Damaged or warped slide guides

  • Damaged cabinet attachment. Usually, you’ll end up dealing with either of two situations: a poor attachment or a broken joint that was originally supporting the slide. Stripped screws and broken rear-mounting sockets, rear brackets, or face-frame front mounts contribute to these faulty attachments.

  • Jammed or misaligned drawer slide. This is the simplest fix. Check out the full instructions on how to grease a drawer slide here.

4) Gather as much information as possible on the slide involved. If you’re dealing with the first two situations, a damaged slide or cabinet attachment, then you’ll want to figure out as much information about the manufacturer as possible.

Damaged or Warped Slides

Damaged Drawer Slide, Warped Drawer Slide, Damaged Slide, Warped Slide, Damaged Cabinet Drawer Slide

Generally, your quickest solution is going to be to measure a new set of drawer slides and get going on the installation. A lot of homeowners try to get creative and try to realign (bend) their drawer slides back into place themselves, but that’s far from a permanent solution. If you’re dealing with some cheap plastic slides from a no-name brand, then searching for a comparable product may not even be worth it. Instead, search for some new full-extension or heavy-duty slides to really get the job done.

You could also find a qualified contractor, but with common sense and a bit of handy work, doing the work yourself is going to be the easiest way to fix it quickly. There are full instructions on how to measure replacements for KA1730 on our site, but the principals could really apply to any slide.

There are some basic factors to consider:

1)Cabinet width for the drawer. The general rule of thumb is that the width of drawer should not exceed the length of the extension. So this will tell you a lot about what you’re shopping for from the start.

Wdth of Drawer Should not Exceed the Length of the Extension,  Width of Cabinet Drawer Should not Exceed the Length of the Extension

2)Drawer-slide length. You may be delighted to find out once you get under your cabinet that the depth of your cabinets are actually far more than the original spec of the drawers installed, so not only can you upgrade and get some fancy features like slam-proof, soft-closing mechanisms, or over-extension (so you can see over counter lips), but you may actually have far more storage space then you realized.

Drawer Slide Length, Drawer Slide Upgrade

3)Load rating. Many, many homeowners are pleasantly surprised with just how much weight they may be able to cram into a drawer with the proper slide. If you have a high-use area, say that drawer you throw all your pans into, then you’ll want to go for something that can support at least 100 pounds. If you’re dealing with everyday items like pens and pencils, then something lower than that will easily get the job done.

Cabinet Drawer Load Rating, Cabinet Drawer Max Weight Limit

Damaged Cabinet Attachment

If you can get a good visual on your door-slide situation from a neighboring door or cabinet, this kind of issue will be pretty clear. If you’re simply dealing with a stripped screw, then you’ll need to find another attachment point or take it with you to a hardware store to find a replacement.

If an attachment bracket is broken, then you’ll most likely need to figure out the make and model of your product. Generally speaking, that will be somewhere on your drawer slide. We have a range of these attachment accessory replacement parts on our site that should help you. Remember, many companies use similar but non-identical parts, so you’ll need to get something as close to the original as possible.

Best of luck finding the right replacement parts for your drawer slide. We hope this short guide broke down the steps into an easy-to-follow sequence that will help you find replacement parts quickly, or just assist you in replacing drawer slides.

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