Chrome Pull-Out Baskets – Popular for Many Reasons

Rev-A-Shelf 5WB2 Series Pull-Out Wire BasketThe Rev-A-Shelf 5WB1 and 5WB2 Series of Chrome Wire Baskets is one of the most popular items we have ever had here at They just seem to fly out the door. Let me explain why I think these units are such a success story for kitchen organization.

First – They come in almost every practical size imaginable.

Second – They are available in single or double shelf units.

Third – Ease of Use and Installation Ok – first let’s review the sizing.

Most base cabinets come in what the industry views as standard. The most common base cabinets for a kitchen would be a 9 inch, 12 inch, 15 inch, 18 inch and a 22 inch. With the exception of sink base cabinets, these are pretty typical of what you will see in most kitchens. So, Rev-A-Shelf introduced this series in all of those practical standard sizes. Rev-A-Shelf 5WB1 Series Pull-Out Wire BasketThe 9 inch Chrome Baskets are used for smaller base cabinet areas and are only offered in one depth selection – the 18 inch depth. The 5WB1-0918-CR and the 5WB2-0918-CR are great for those cabinets that you may have looked at as useless for organized storage areas, until now. These smaller units work great for apartment, condo and older home kitchens where cabinet space is often a concern. The 18 inch depth is also available in the 12 inch wide units – 5WB1-1218-CR and the 5WB2-1218-CR.

The 12 inch Chrome Basket is the only Rev-A-Shelf size that is offered in both the shorter depth of 18 inches and the largest depth of 22 inches – 5WB1-1222-CR and 5WB2-1222-CR. Secondly, these Chrome Baskets are extremely functional for many different areas in the single and double shelf units. For example: if you want to preserve a stationary shelf in your cabinet, you certainly can by adding a single unit to the bottom or vice-versa OR you can remove the stationary shelf and install a double tier unit. Another great feature of this unit is that the double tier shelves slide out independently of each other and both the single and the double can be fully extended out of the cabinet to expose everything you have stored on each shelf so it can be easily reached. Last but not least – Super Easy Installation.

We all love a project update that is easy and hassle free. It just couldn’t be any easier with these units! The Double Tier Chrome Baskets require just 7 screws and the Single Chrome Basket uses only 4. And, of course, they are included. A phillips head screwdriver and a few minutes of your time and you will be ready to start organizing your kitchen items. It’s one of the reasons more than half of our customers return to our online store to purchase more than one!

One last note: The size of these baskets are actually a little less in width that the number indicated in the part number (remember – many product numbers are indicators of the size cabinet you have – not the actual size of the unit you are buying) and actually require less installation width than the size of the basket. I know it sounds strange but in short, it boils down to the way it is installed.

Please review the necessary door opening width, height and depth for each product before making your final selection. The specification sheet PDF’s are linked at the bottom of the product listings. Give these a try – you won’t be sorry! I’m going to bet you will love them! If you’ve found other creative uses of the 5WB series, let us know in the comments below.
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