Rev-A-Lock Security System, Starter Kit

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Rev-A-Lock Security System, Starter Kit Our Cabinet and Drawer Security system is the most unique safety and security lock on the market today. It is totally concealed only opens with the patented magnetic key, and can be deactivated when the situation permits. No other child safety lock compares.

Ideal for securing cleaning items, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and other items you don’t want curious little hands discovering.

Rev-A-Lock is an ultra-secure magnetically operated cabinet and drawer lock designed to make it virtually impossible for children to break into cabinets and drawers containing unsafe items. Only the extremely powerful magnetic key, which is supplied with the product, can open the lock. Refrigerator and other magnets will not work.

Easy Operation
To open cabinet door or drawer, simply position the magnetic key on cabinet door or drawer exterior, over the area where the lock is installed, and the lock will release its hold automatically. When the key is removed, the lock snaps back into the locked position. Just flip the special red disengage bar on the back of the lock when protection is no longer needed.


  • 5 Locks
  • 2 Magnetic Keys
  • Installation Screws & Instructions
  • Specification Sheet RAL Series Specifications (5.1mb PDF file)

    Weight 3 lbs

    Unit of Measure

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