Best DIY RV Mods To Optimize Your Storage Space

Most RVs include a decent amount of storage space. The problem is finding a way to store what you need in a way that is functional in everyday life. It’s often difficult to access items in storage because many storage areas are too deep, too low, or too high to be convenient.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to optimize your RV to ensure your storage items are quick and easy to access. DIY sliding storage is one of the simplest modifications to make the most of your space. You’ll be surprised how a little RV mod can make a big difference in your organization and peace of mind.

Slide Storage For Tool Boxes

You can keep your tools organized in your RV the same way you do at home by installing a metal tool chest. The same toolbox that might seem too wide or difficult to access becomes a compact way to store your tools for RV repairs when mounted onheavy duty drawer slides. The chest can be stored sideways and slide out from its storage compartment when in use.

Slide Storage For Coolers

Slide Storage For Coolers in RVs

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This simple modification allows you to keep your cooler accessible when you need it and out of sight when not in use. You can simply slide out the cooler to open it rather than having to haul it out of a compartment or down the steps of your RV. This mod also keeps your cooler from moving around during travel.

Slide Storage Cargo Trays

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You want to store the items you use outside of your RV in undercarriage storage, so make storing those items as organized and efficient as possible. Sliding trays allow you to keep equipment like black water drainage tubes close at hand. You can keep cleaning supplies, oil, and gas sorted and secured in a simpleDIY sliding cargo tray. This project doesn’t require heavy-duty slides, but make sure the slide framing can hold up your storage tray when fully extended.

Dinette Bench Storage Pull-Outs

Dinette storage is an underutilized storage spot in RVs because it is usually difficult to access. A simple solution: install lightweight baskets to slide out from the storage space. You can fill up the whole compartment and just slide out the contents when you need it.

Trash Can Slide

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A common problem in an RV is where to put the trash can. You want it easy to reach and out of sight at the same time. With this mod you can utilize nearly any cabinet as trash can storage. Use acabinet slider kit to install a sliding tray and find the right size trash can to fit. A kit with just the sliders allows you to customize the slides to fit any cabinet space.

Pantry Slides

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Installing pantry slides is a mod with several benefits. First, you can increase your pantry space in your RV by adding layers of storage to each cabinet. It can improve the efficiency of your kitchen space, too– no more losing food in the back of the cabinet. Your items will also stay in place better sitting in more individualized spaces.

Pull-Out Shelves For Pots And Pans

Finding a space for everything can be an issue in an RV kitchen, anddouble pull out shelves is a great way to double your storage for pots and pans. Not only does it turn one cabinet into two, this mod can also help you keep your kitchen tools organized and tidy.

Pull-Down Cabinet Storage

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Those high, skinny cabinets in your RV can finally be put to good use. Instead of lining the bottom with a single row of items, or installing a second shelf that’s so high up you can’t reach it, modify those cabinets with pull down racks. They can be locked in their lowered position for hands-free use and are perfect for storing glasses or stackable kitchen items, like plates and bowls.

Outdoor Cabinet Slides

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With a set of cabinet slides and a little DIY woodworking, you can transform any outdoor compartment into a useful storage cabinet. Full extension slides will let you pull out the cabinet or drawer entirely so you can access all its contents. You’ll want to create the drawer so it maximizes the space and still moves in and out on the slides with ease.

RV Mods For Ultimate Organization

Sliding storage RV mods can save you space and make accessing stored items much easier. Building your own sliding trays requires basic DIY skills, so don’t be too intimidated. Just be sure to measure your space carefully, mount the slides to a suitable surface, and make sure your slides and make sure your slides can hold the weight of both the tray and your cargo.

Ready to get started? You can check out our large selection of drawer slides to find the right components for your DIY RV mods.

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